Made Up Weekend at Liverpool Biennial

BANANA Performance by Orion Maxted

BANANA Performance by Orion Maxted

Music! Talks! Performance! Art! Smoke! Film!

cc Media were present at the fantastic Made Up Weekend, hosted at A Foundation.

Under the title ‘Made Up’ – meaning ‘happy’, ‘ready’ or ‘pleased’ in Liverpool – we explore in conversations, performances and screenings ‘making things up’: utopias and dystopias, narrative fiction, fantasy, myths, lies, prophesies, spectacle and subversion. Mischievous, constructive or iconoclastic, ‘Made up’ speaks about the power of the imagination and art’s capacity to transport us, to suspend disbelief and generate alternative realities.

Challenging the idea that rationality and enchantment are incommensurable, Made Up Weekend invokes the spectres that haunt not only the artistic imagination. A vision of the world familiar yet often disturbed by occultural visions, scientific anomalies, magic, or sublime irrationality. Unbound by critical orthodoxies Made Up’s aporia will entertain many and exasperate some, no doubt encouraged by the multitude of explanations resonating with the city itself.

A programme out of joint, criss-crossing the uncanny valley at a time when ‘experience has fallen in value’ to truth in make believe.

sjcurtis, Daniel Odier, Tony White, Tomas Saraceno, David Blandy, Mingering Mike, Dori Hadar, Dorit Chrysler, Super Nase & Co, Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, Artists Anonymous, Richard Wilson, Anne Bean, Lois Keidan, Rachel Withers, Tai Shani, Ulf Langheinrich, Mike Stubbs, Jiyoon Lee, Yeondoo Jung, Sally O’Reilly, Ian White, Stewart Home, Gods Enteritainment, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Manuel Vason,  Rob La Frenais, Amelia Jones, George Chakravarti, Orion Maxted, and Courtney Martin, James Lawyer, Chila Burman, Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Jim Holland, Patricide and others.

More to follow shortly…


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